A Real Estate Technology company focused on creating revolutionary platforms

for our clients and customers. 

Houzlink is an innovative platform designed to service the financial sector.

A marketplace for banks to display and sell their REO properties directly to

home buyers and developers. REO Property transactions are digitally processed

on the platform, all initiated by smart contracts and recorded onto

a secure private blockchain. 


Houzlink e-sign contract 2
Houzlink e-sign contract


Our platform showcases preset documents and contracts for eSignature, minimizing the back-and-forth follow-up, and simplifying the signing process for

banks and home buyers. All documents are recorded and tracked on a private blockchain.

Houzlink eco-system


Users are able to browse profiles and connect with Real Estate brokers, agents, lawyers, inspectors, and other professionals directly on the platform. Find  the best real estate professional to help serve your needs. 

Houzlink transactions


Similar to Stripe or PayPal our platform securely and instantly processes online payments and transactions. All payments for Real Estate services and property purchases  are powered by smart contracts and properly recorded and tracked on a private blockchain.

Houzlink visual guides


Users are able to view the most up to date floor plans, property photos, matterport 3D walk throughs, digital videos and drone shots of their selected property.  

Houzlink chat notification


Our messaging feature allows users to communicate instantaneously. Connect with Real Estate Professionals directly to discuss properties and documents on a safe and secure platform.

Houzlink wallet


Users receive a safe and secure online wallet. Securely store, easily receive or send digital payments  to users on the platform. All payments are properly recoded and tracked  on a private blockchain.


We build and support blockchain applications mainly within the Real Estate space.




All documents are prepared for eSignature and can quickly be sent for signage.


Edit and sign online. Send instantaneously


Connect with multiple parties online for signage.

Houzlink eSignature contracts
Houzlink eSignature contracts




Connect with trust worthy

Real Estate Professionals who are passionate about getting you a home

Houzlink real estate agents
Houzlink sms chat


Chat Messaging

Connect with professionals instantly to begin your home buying process 

Real Estate Professionals

Real estate brokers, agents, lawyers,

inspectors, etc 


Houzlink online wallet

Similar to Stripe or PayPal the Houzlink platform securely and promptly processes online payments and transactions.



Users can send and receive payments for their services on the platform

Online Wallet

A safe and secure location to store funds to send and receive as digital payments 

Houzlink online transactions


Schedule Tour

Contact an agent directly on our platform to schedule a guided tour of your selected property. All scheduling information is recorded on the blockhain for verification and security.

Houzlink notifications
Houzlink schedule tour feature

View Desired Property 

Send notification to confirm property tour

Want to learn more?

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Overhead is eliminated therefore

users pay substantially lower on transactions processed via smart contracts. The early adopters of the Houzlink platform have the most to gain from improved efficiency and reduced transactions cost.


All property documents, contracts and transactions are recorded onto a private blockchain for security and reliability. The data is verifiable by the blockchain and cannot be modified after creation to eliminate disputes and improve real estate market efficiency.


Our platform clears up the line

of communication between clients

and customersOur process allows all parties to receive information quicker and faster while minimizing the back and forth follow up. This allows deals to be finalized in a timely manner.



Houzlink story
Our Story

We are a team of dedicated entrepreneurs, versatile Real Estate professionals, experienced software developers and blockchain believers. Our mission is to make the real estate home buying process quick, safe and accessible to the growing industry and market.

Houzlink vision
Our Vision

Houzlink technologies envisions

a real estate industry in which the implementation and utilization of modern technology leads to accurate and transparent data. Thus creating better and faster deals for everyone involved, leading to a shift in our daily practice of business.

Houzlink technology

The core innovation of blockchain 

is digital trust, provable and inherent

to the system without reliance of  external parties. Our blockchain Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) provides private smart contract execution and enterprise grade performance with a private blockchain architecture.

Quick, Safe, Accessible

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Meet The Team

Houzlink Ceo

Ryan Wiltshire

Founder/ CEO

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Cheryl Semanczuk

Real Estate Broker

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Erica Osborn

Real Estate Sales Associate

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Stephen Hansen.jpg

Stephen Hansen

Director of Sales & Marketing

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Zia Karim.jpg

Zia Karim


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Houzlink senior software developer

Jordan Kapelner

Senior Software Engineer

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Mentor and Advisors


Carlos M. Mendes

Vice President, Financial Services Advisory & Digital Leader - RPG

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Christopher Hollinger.jpg

Christopher Hollinger

Managing Director at Blackwell Hollinger & Company LLC

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Otis Ellis

Client Advisor at J.P. Morgan

Private Bank

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Tel: (973) 709-8037
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Ed Costello.jpg

Ed Costello

Consulting CTO

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Mary Olson.jpg

Mary Olson

Co-Founder | Brand Architect

at Brand Intelligence

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